No longer in Facebook

Now that facebook has locked me out of my account for not using a real name and is demanding a government ID (!!) to verify my identity, I have decided not to go back there. Maybe forever. I wasn't doing anything much there for a long time anyway. So, I might start writing bullshit here from now on or just go back to doing nothing here either. Either way, anyone who wants to contact me (!) can do so through my email ID: Or better yet, open up an account in, an end to end encrypted email service, and contact me there on Fuck facebook and google.

Ok. Back to oblivion.



  1. கலக்குங்க பாஸ்!

    பேஸ்புக்குக்கு உங்கள் எழுத்துகளை இழந்தது பெருநஷ்டம்!

    1. Ha ha.. Oh yeah. The response to this post clearly shows that. :P
      Like I said, back to oblivion.


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