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The Usual Suspects review

After a bloody carnage in a ship, which is believed to be the trade spot for drugs worth of 91 million dollars, only two survivors remain. One is a cripple and the other is a badly burned mafia guy who slips to coma .Upon further investigation, the cripple, after being given total immunity due to a lot of political pressure, reveals that he was a part of the team of mercenaries who were instructed to hit the boat and to destroy the drugs. The cops do not find any trace of the drugs.
The film then reverts back, upon the recollection of the cripple, to a police line-up staged up by the New York police to find the culprit who stole a truck filled with stripped gun parts. The only clue is the voice of one of the men who attacked the truck. The police gathers up 5 suspects and investigates them. Their voices are checked and they are put in the same room. Amongst them are the felon partners McManus(A top notch entry man) and Fenster, Todd Hockney (good with explosives and a real tough g…


--> --> HAppy New year 2010 my Friends . . . . In a happy occasion as this, let us see about a feel good film.
Shawshank redemption is a movie about two men trapped in a prison, both for the same kind of crime .While One man is as guilty he is, the other is innocent. This movie is about the ugly face of the prison, and the beautiful face of friendship. Andy Dufrense(Tim Robbins) , a hot-shot banker, who being sentenced for the murder of his wife and her secret lover, is brought to the Shawshank prison for his life imprisonment. At first, Prison holds nothing friendly for Andy. On the first day, one of the ‘Fresh Fish’ to the prison dies getting beaten by the guards. Andy is subjected to all the hardships as well, including the problem with the ‘Bull queers’. One day, Andy comes to visit Ellis Boyd (Red) Redding (Morgan Freeman), who is a local con inside the prison. He is the man who knows how to get things in the prison. Andy asks for a rock hammer fro…