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--> “POWER IS NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE. “ Disclosure is a novel by Michael Crichton (yep, Jurassic Park fame) written on the year 1993.This book about sexual harassment in corporate companies. Normally, anybody will think that this would be a story of a girl being harassed by her Boss. But, it is not so. It is just the opposite in this novel. This book is about Tom Sanders, who is a very able and upcoming executive. When he comes to office one day, expecting to get his much expected promotion as the Vice-President of the company after more than a decade of honest work, he is shocked to find out the promotion to have been given to his ex-girlfriend, who’s under the protective wing of Bob Garvin (who is the Chairman), and who’s not as talented as he is. What happens next is that his ex-girlfriend, Meredith Johnson calls him out for an official meeting at 6’o clock in the evening, at the very first day itself. When he goes to see her, she expertly seduces Sanders .Being unwilling and …


Good Will Hunting is a 1997 drama film directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The story is set at Boston and it revolves around the greatly intellectual yet troubled young man Will Hunting (Matt Damon).Will is a great genius with a photographic memory and is well adroit at mathematics. But this is not all about Will. He is an orphan and he is quite irascible with mercuric temper. The film starts with the MIT Professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) announcing the students of a challenge, in which they are to solve a very difficult theorem put in a chalkboard, which he wishes someone would prove within the end of the semester. Will who works as a janitor there, comes across it and solves it. When Lambeau finds out that the theorem has been rapidly proved, he inquires his students on who did it and is unable to find the man. Trying to find out who did it, he posts again another, more difficult problem. When he finds Will (who’s a janitor there) writing on…