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IT by Stephen King….

What if you are called back to your hometown after more than 25 years, to battle something which was the worst nightmare of your childhood? And what if you remember absolutely nothing about that horrible creature or anything related to it, including most of your childhood and your childhood friends? Welcome to IT by Stephen King.
IT is about a group of 7 childhood friends gathering back together at their hometown Derry, trying to fight a creature which can’t be defined by mere words . At best IT could be described as a shape shifter, slayer of children and that which preys on fear. But what really is IT? Nobody knows. Acclaimed by many Stephen King fans as one of his best works ever written, is IT really worth all the hype? Well, to go along with the fans on one note, IT is really a very good, imaginative and original story. It also has a good build-up of suspense and very good characterization. The seven lead characters have indeed been painted vividly. It contains some great moment…