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Taken is an action-thriller movie made in the year 2008, starring Liam neeson as a bereft father (Bryan Mills), who quits his job as a CIA agent, just to be with his daughter. But, unfortunately for him, his wife breaks up with him and moves out of his life, taking along what he loves the most, his daughter. One day, when Bryan is having lunch with his daughter (Kim -starred by Maggie grace), which they occasionally do, her mom (Lenore-starred by Famke Janssen) arrives there and tries to persuade Bryan into signing up a parental consent form to allow Kim to go to Paris, with her friend, Amanda. At first, Bryan hesitates much, stating that a 17 year old should not travel far, without proper company. But, he later accepts on three conditions. To call him immediately when she lands at Paris. To give him the address and phone number of the place she’s gonna stay at. To call him every night and to inform if she’s gonna move anywhere.