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The Eye of the Needle

Eye of the needle, a spy thriller novel by Ken Follett is the classic dilemma story of a woman who has to choose between her lover and her country, except there is not much of a dilemma and much less love.
Faber, a dangerous German spy operating in wartime Britain, is a professional unlike the amateur spies teaming around Britain. He stumbles upon a secret which would change the outcome of the war. Now Faber has to deliver the secret along with proof to Berlin but unfortunately for him, the MI6 agents are hot on his trail. Faber continues to fool them but his luck runs out when he tries to rendezvous with an U-boat. Due to a heavy storm, he shipwrecks on a small island called as Storm Island, which is uninhabited except for Lucy, her crippled husband David, her son and a servant called as Tom. Lucy tends to the wounds of Faber and falls in love. But she soon finds out that he is a German spy and has to decide between her country and her lover.
Eye of the needle is the usual Follett…