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Sherlock Season 4 - Dull, boring, predictable.

There was once a time when I, along with a lot of other people, would have been excited for the release of a new Sherlock episode. That is no longer the case. Although it has had its problems and inconsistencies from the very beginning, the charm and wit that was the trademark of the first two seasons carried the story through most of the times. Sherlock certainly doesn't have the charm it had on the first two seasons anymore. And that's a sentiment that can be found being expressed almost everywhere on the internet these days. What's more, I can almost see the weariness in the face of the cast. Or maybe it's just me and that's just the aging of the cast. What went wrong? Where has all the charm and wit that was the trademark of this series gone?

For what it's worth, I think the series started going downhill when they started making it more emotional. Now it's a regular soap opera which is far from the spirit of the original stories. In an attempt to …