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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL(La vita è bella) is an italian movie made on the the year 1997 by Roberto Remigio Benigni, who also starred as the hero of this extraordinary movie. Roberto Remigio Benigni, (born 27 October 1952) is a multitalented man who is an Italian actor, comedian, writer and director of film, theatre and television. The film starts with a man narrating the story, who is later found to be none other than Joshua Orefice(written Giosué in the Italian version; portrayed by Giorgio Cantarini ).The narration starts thus, ”This is a simple story, but not an easy one to tell. Like a fable, there is sorrow and like a fable it is full of wonder and happiness.” And true it is. Life Is Beautiful cannot be defined easily. But I’ll try my best. The first half of the film is a whimsical, romantic comedy. It starts with Guido Orefice and his friend travelling in a car. While Guido lies lazily, his friend drives the car reciting a poem. At last, he …