The World is not enough (1999) …

The plot: When a terrorist plans to kill an oil heiress and destroy the pipelines using a nuclear bomb, it is up to Bond to save the day.
I've always had a feeling that Brosnan had the misfortune of not having good directors nor a tight script and his films often suffered by miscasts leading to wasted potential. And this film would be a great example.

Denise Richards as Nuclear physicist in a Tomb Raider costume equipped with her terrible acting is a great example of a miscast that was so abundant in the Brosnan era... but not the worst. That would go to Jonathan Price as Elliot Carver in Tomorrow never dies in which he ruined the movie as a very very meek villain of what could have been one of the most memorable. And for that matter, one of the villains Renaud of this film, is such a disappointment too. Much build-up for nothing as he turns out to be nothing but a pawn. But getting back to Denise, she serves as an eye candy and she does exactly just that. She does not even bother to do anything noteworthy of her character and bores the hell out with her terrible acting and poor dialog delivery of what is an already underdeveloped character.

Sophie Marceau as Elektra King though is a perfect choice. The character is not unknown to Bond franchise and even if there isn't anything new about her character or its motive, she sidesteps everyone to become the best actor of the film if not the best Bond villain of the entire Brosnan Bond franchise.

The plot in TWINE is good enough but what it lacks is a tight script and a fast pace. One could have redirected the enthusiasm that has been shown for suave one-liners in this film into a much better script. As a result of which, the film becomes a perfect example of Brosnan era.... A wasted potential. A film that could have great but is merely good. Eventhough it still has its great moments, one cannot but feel that it could have been much much better.

Rating: 3/5.
P.S:  Here is the opening song of the film, which happens to be one of my favorite bond opening song.

And this one is one of the best one liners of the entire bond franchise and makes for an excellent and memorable scene. SPOILERS.


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